If you’re feeling saucy and you run a design/web/tech conference; you can book me to speak at it and I’ll shout some words at an audience from a stage for you. My favourite subjects to talk about are creative coding, interaction design and gamification.

My talks are usually loose and ad-lib, but I spend a fuck load of time preparing them. I like to make people laugh and I think an audience is more than just a bunch of people to throw my opinions at for 20-60 minutes. I love live coding and live demos because I’m a fucking masochist. I swear a lot on stage. Some people think what I say is controversial but they’re probably lame.

Speaking Requirements


This is super important. I feel like an event without a diverse range of speakers (and thusly opinions and experiences) will never be great. I won’t speak at all-male or all-white events.

A Code Of Conduct

Diversity means nothing if marginalised people don’t feel safe at an event. If you don’t have an inclusion-focussed CoC and plans to enforce it, I won’t speak.

Travel Expenses

Unless an event is local, it’d be super nice to get my expenses paid so I don’t go poor from speaking at lots of dope conferences x

Past Events

HybridConf 2015

Re-Learning To Love The Web

I spoke about falling in and out of love with the web and gave a live demo where I made a cosmic world generate on screen by playing guitar. It was fun.

Second Wednesday

This Is Your Brain On Games

I spoke about dopamine and Pokémon, how our brains respond to reward and challenges and how we can use concepts from games to create better interfaces.

Web Dev 2013

Gamify Everything

I spoke about the general principles of gamification and how they can be applied to products and interfaces to make users happy as fuck.

Want Me To Speak?