Pilcrow is a product designed for unique, collaborative story writing. Every week we send out stories users have created to random users. They have one week to contribute to the story, after which it's sent off again.

The app is currently in private beta while we work on some of the more complex features.

The Goals

A beautiful writing experience

An app for writers should be fun to write in. See that? That’s the kind of logic that gets me far in life. The writing experience was the main focus of early developments and pretty much shaped the rest of the design.

An equally beautiful reading experience

Continuing my role as a pargon of logical creativity, I deduced that if people are going to read these stories, then the typography should be nice. So I made it nice. I got to delve into the myriad of old and idiosyncratic books that come free with an English–studying fiancé in search of typographic inspiration. FF Spinoza provides the sturdy legibility for longform reading and Abril Fatface and its myriad of tantalising ligatures provides the titular elegance (seriously, look at that ‘wi’ ligature and tell me it doesn't stir your loins).

What I Learned

MVP Isn't always releasable

I talk a lot about Minimum Viable Products (MVPs if you're cool like me) and I am still a massive proponent of them in terms of fleshing out ideas and proving concepts. However, reaching that state with Pilcrow still left a lot to be desired. It ‘works’, for sure, but it doesn‘t yet have the character and delight we want. So it stays unreleased while we work on the extra sexiness we think it needs.

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