My name is Scott and I make stuff for people to use

Sexual Being

I am a product designer and front–end developer with a skillset wider than your mum. I make websites and interfaces and terrible jokes.

What I Make

Beautiful Interfaces

Whether it's a marketing site or an innovative app, I love turning awesome product ideas into beautiful experiences.

Delightful Interactions

I geek out over making interfaces fun to use, creating delight through lots of lovely, well–considered interactions.

Responsive Joy

I think it's a little bit silly to not make things responsive, so that's what I do. Most things I make are responsive by default.

Intelligent Code

I shoot for semantic and accessible front–end code that scales exceptionally. Developers wanna smooch me.

How I Make It


As a one-man solution to your digital disfunction, I work with you throughout the entire process, where you will always be able to talk directly to the guy doing the work. Apparently I’m not ‘allowed’ a handsome receptionist.

I work pretty much straight into the browser which means you get to experience interactive wireframes and prototypes from the start. For me, it’s important that it works as well as it looks.

From idea conception to launching it to the masses, my work is refined and tested to ensure users will love the results. Users > bathroom breaks. Peeing is for the unsuccessful.

Whether your project can be done in a weekend or will take months to refine, my approach is usually the same: discuss early, release often, make something sexy

My Work

I’ve been lucky enough to work on loads of pretty cool projects, from huge enterprise software to small user interfaces for hipster coffee drinkers. Lots of my recent work is under NDA, please excuse the sparsity.

Manchester City Council

The MCC redesign was the biggest project I worked on in my previous full–time role. It’s designed to assist local residents in accessing important information and completing various tasks and to take the pain out of common tasks like paying council tax, which everyone loves.

I created user journeys, user flows, wireframes, prototypes and the final front-end deliverables.


Pilcrow is a collaborative storytelling app where writers craft the beginning of a story and submit it to other users to continue. It’s like that game in school where everyone wrote a sentence to a story, but without the dick pictures.

I designed the product UI and the marketing site.


I designed and built Mentor as a tool for people new to—or lost in—the web industry to come to for advice from wonderful people who've been doing this for a while now.

While Mentor was built initially as an experiment while I was learning Backbone.js, I released it, opened it up for submission and it's come along nicely since.

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