Going Freelance

If a designer goes freelance and doesn’t blog about it, does it actually count? No. Of course it doesn’t. So for my own self–gratification, here's a bunch of paragraphs you’ll most likely skim over before wishing me good luck/telling me you hate me and hope I fail.

For 2.5 years I worked at Jadu, making big websites and even bigger interfaces. I’ve learned lots of things from my time there and had the chance to work with some wonderful colleagues and clients.

I helped make the new Manchester City Council site, which lots of people liked and Hacker News really hated (it won some awards regardless, but everything wins awards these days). I helped create a new interface framework for a big CMS. I learned what big projects and products were really like to work on.

I started as a mediocre web designer and am leaving an experienced product designer. It was great, but all good things must come to an end. What goes up, must become an exasperating cliché for a hipster designer to use when leaving their job. I want a new challenge, a different lifestyle and a fresh start.

What Next?

Now, I am venturing out into freelance. Into the scary world of ‘being my own boss’ and all the joys and tribulations that come with that. I’ve been here before, with much less experience and a much more unfounded ego. I did lots of things wrong but, fuck, at least now I know lots about what not to do.

I want to work on smaller projects, I want to work on simple products with laser–focus and I want to do that from wherever I choose.

I feel lucky as fuck to be in a position to make this move, to work in an industry that affords this kind of flexibility.

So there we have it. This intense, yet enjoyable and enriching period of my life has made way for what I hope will be, at least, equally as rewarding. If you’ve got a cool idea you want to work on, hit me up. Let's make it happen.