Changing The World

I think people tend to think about ‘changing the world’ or ‘making an impact’ as a truly global thing and that anyone who doesn’t affect things on a global level can’t be seen as visionary or impactful and I think that’s kinda star–gazing and a bit lofty.

There’s many levels at which we can have an impact. I believe that different people are more geared towards having an impact at different levels and ‘who do I really want to affect?’ is not really a question that we ask ourselves a lot.

From my own introspection, I’m led to believe that I have no real desire to ‘change the world’, given the common understanding of the phrase (i.e. to have an impact so widespread and profound it brings about some form of global shift). I do, however, have a great desire to have a positive affect on my family, my close friends, colleagues and acquaintances. I want to make things that people with similar interests or goals or ideals to me will enjoy using and I want those things to make their lives easier.

Just because someone is making something ‘niche’ or targeted or scratching their own itch doesn’t mean they can’t feel fulfilled and happy when their work is well–received, or that they’ve not had an ‘impact’ because it doesn’t solve critical problems of the world or an industry.

I’m not 100% sure why I’m writing this, other than to say that the potential impact of my work used to mean a lot to me. I wanted to create something that was hugely groundbreaking, industry–defining or life–changing to millions of people; right now I’m happy to make something that a few people find really useful or enjoyable and let the rest of you fuckers get on with your day.


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