Posts & Thoughts

A patchwork collection of thoughts, ramblings and maybe even haikus of varying levels of coherence, relevance and self–indulgence. Who knows, you might actually find something useful on a design blog (you won't).

Preprocessor Myths

Late night diatribe that may or not be deleted when I come to my senses and realise how awful I am.

Auto–prefixing CSS

The joys of vendor prefixes and how I like to manage them. Auto–prefixing is lovely, just like you.

I Hate Shipping MVPs

Wherein I rant, probably far too cynically, about the love–in for Minimum Viable Products. Ship it, yo.

Changing The World

Over time, the way I see and eulogize the ‘impact’ of my work has changed drastically…

Going Freelance

If a designer goes freelance and doesn’t blog about it, does it actually count? No. Of course it doesn’t.

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